“When it comes to the measure of a man, Dr. Billet scores very high. Trust me when I say that not only is he a great doctor with a lot of knowledge, he also has a great sense of humor, and as a patient I can appreciate that since I was in a lot of pain and very nervous.”

John D.


“Gets the job done. Takes great care not to hurt you.”

David R.


“He was very pleasant and very helpful in explaining what you need to know. He makes you feel very comfortable.”

Sally W.


“Very nice, informative, and professional and it was one of my best dentist visits in my life, and I highly recommend him.”

Ahmed A.


“I came to Dr. Billet’s office looking for a consultation in reference to saving back teeth. Prior to visiting him, I was told that there were no options because I had insufficient bone mass in my jaw. He referred me to a doctor who did my jaw reconstruction. Then he did implants that were wonderful. He also replaced two front crowns that were discolored from the day they were made. His crowns matched perfectly with the rest of my teeth. Dr. Billet is a caring human being. He is gentle when working on your mouth. He his thorough in explaining what he is doing and keeps you informed each step of the way. He is flexible in scheduling appointments and reviews all options when recommending treatment.”

Patricia V.


“Over the years Dr. Billet has helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist and the fear of pain. He is very patient, calming, and takes the time to explain things in a manner that I can understand them. The office was very professional and Dr. Billet and his wife took the time to make me feel comfortable and welcome. He is by far the best dentist I have ever had. I have brought my family and recommended my friends to see him.”

Carol S.


“I’ve always been uneasy at the dentist. Guessing the fear of things being done so closely to your face. But Dr. Billet has put me at ease since day one and I am happy to have come across his practice so that I can get back into taking care of my smile. He explains everything fully and is patient with any questions I may have. I’m not completely over my fear of the dentist but I’m feeling more comfortable with each visit.”

Candice E


“Dr. Billet was very nice. I would definitely recommend him.”

Richard C.


“Dr. Billet is wonderful both professionally and personally. I’ve never had a dentist that is so understanding and accommodating.”

Gladys F.


“Professional, courteous, pleasant, warm, comforting, respectful, efficient, thorough, advanced, highly recommended, expert in field!”

Renee M.


“Dr. Billet is a warm, patient, kind man, with expertise in his area. He explains everything that he will do so that the patient feels at ease.”

Lori H.


“I first visited Dr. Billet with extreme tooth pain. I have not had many positive experiences with dentists previously. But Dr. Billet has demonstrated professionalism and caring patient care. He thoroughly explains treatment plans and works to make me comfortable enough to trust that he is the consummate professional. I am aware of the treatment plan, with an explanation that is understandable. I’m comfortable asking questions regarding my care. Dr. Billet has helped me become more trusting in the care of my dental needs.”

Aiysha S.

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